Held each Sunday
from the first Sunday of June through the last Sunday of August
Gates open for shoppers from 8am 'til 2pm
Delicious food in our "Concession Central"
Located on Highway 3 Near the Bremerton Airport

Welcome to the Rodeo Drive-In Swap Meet, A Summertime weekend tradition for over 30 years.
Each Sunday, we hold the county's largest multi-family garage sale. You'll find just about anything at the Swap Meet... tools, household items, clothing, furniture, odds and ends... even the occasional chain saw and lawn mower.
Below, we've listed some of the guidelines you'll want to know, whether shopping or selling at the Swap Meet.

ANNUAL SEASON: Each Sunday (weather permitting) starting with the first Sunday of June, and continuing to the last Sunday of August.

HOURS: Gates open at for merchant setup at 7am. Official shopping hours are from 8am until 2pm, when all shoppers and merchants must be off the theatre property (we have to get ready for the evening movies).

ADMISSION PRICES: Merchants: $20.00 per space (between speaker poles or piers). Additional spaces may be purchased as needed. Shoppers: $1.00 per car load, paid at the boxoffice when you arrive.

MEALS & SNACKS: Our "Concession Central" is open throughout the day. There's plenty of coffee, hot chocolate and butterhorns in the morning, and most menu items are available by 10am.


Are there any items that can not be sold at the Swap Meet?
Yes, though the list isn't a long one. We do not allow weapons, pornographic or sexually-oriented materials of any kind on the property (our interpretation of what constitutes the above listed materials prevails at all times). Any items that could be considered a safety hazard must be cleared by theatre management before being displayed. Food sales are not allowed, though some bulk/canned/sealed items may be sold for consumption off-site. To avoid disappointment, it's always good to check with us before setting any food/drink item out for purchase.

Can shoppers "test" items before purchase?
To a point. There's an extension cord in the concessions building for testing small appliances and tools. Engine-powered equipment must be tested in an area where they pose no danger to others. Vehicles may NOT be driven for testing purposes.

    A General List of our House Rules:

    The Drive-In is privately owned property, and your ticket is your limited license to be here during business hours. Theatre staff may request your ticket at any time, for any reason. If you fail to produce a ticket when requested, you and your companions may be required to leave the drive-in.

  • Refund Policy. We do not offer refunds. The Swap Meet is an outdoor event, and is subject to weather conditions. We can not guarantee weather or patron turnout, so please make these considerations before arriving.

  • Remove all trash. All unsold items, including boxes and other packing materials must be removed when you leave. Our trash containers are not available for this purpose. Anyone Leaving unsold items or packing materials on the property may be banned from future admittance.

  • No parking on the outside perimeter of the theatre. All vehicles must enter through the boxoffice and park in designated areas. The theatre perimeter is an enforced 24-hour tow-away zone.

  • The SPEED LIMIT within the theatre is 10 MPH. There are pedestrians everywhere, so please observe this limit and drive carefully. For everyone's safety, any negligent driving may result in your being asked to leave the theatre.

  • Fireworks of any and all kinds are never allowed on the property.
    This includes items as seemingly innocent as sparklers and "snap-its". For the safety of all, this is considered a zero-tolerance issue here.

  • Pets must be under your direct control and responsibility at all times. They must be on leash when not secured in your vehicle. Animals are not allowed in the snack bar, restrooms or playground areas, legitimate service animals excepted.

  • Shoes must be worn at all times. Please do not carry shoeless children.
    Also, shirts must be worn when inside the concessions building and restrooms.

  • Designated parking areas for Shoppers and Merchants:
    Merchants set up in our large field (1). For safety and convenience, shoppers park in field 2.

  • No barbecues or other cooking activities on drive-in property, including outside perimeter.
    Also, merchants may not sell food and drink items.

Thanks for your consideration. We hope you enjoy the Swap Meet!