Hiway 3 Near the Bremerton Airport
24 Hour Movie Line (360) 698-6030

Watch for our reopening in March, 2013.

It's going to be a busy winter for us, as we replace our mechanical film projectors. The 35mm machines that were the standard for over 100 years will make way for new, digital projectors and related equipment. All theatres will eventually need these new machines, as the industry will eventually discontinue making movies on film.

The new projectors are technologically complex and obscenely expensive. We were fortunate to be able to convert all 3 of our screens this year, due to the incredible support the community has shown the Rodeo.

We'll reopen in March with a completely digital presentation, including sound and now, picture. The project has already begun, and you can watch our progress here, on our photo page.

We'll see you again soon! Have a great Winter.